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around you & tour thoughts

hello ~ :)

well, i've finally got time to blog about the wrapping up of the Desert Tune Summer to Fall Tour and some thoughts about a new special treat surfacing soon... firstly the tour.

we headed out to the east coast for some shows at the beginning of the month and it was absolutely delicious. i've never been to philly before and we had a very nice time sneaking around the cobble stone streets. we next headed to nyc and we stayed smack-dab in the middle of times square. i mean, we had a view of all the lights from our window ~ it was awesome. i also had a chance to have tea with a dear friend alice, which you need to check out her music ( and her podcast (tea with alice marie) asap if you haven't already. i'm a big fan you could say. ;) the show was pretty rockn' too. now, i should interrupt my tour play-by-play to mention our constant companions for the trip ~ not one but two magellan's. you would think we would only need one right? no, you would be wrong. and that does not include the many, many google maps in hand. yes, we needed many directions to get from city to city. okay back to the tour ~ we then headed to boston and the beautiful autumn color. the entire trip was filled with the breathtaking fall splendor, it was magical. we had a great gig in cambridge and met some very nice people too. you can take a peek at this show in particular in the 'gigs' section of the gallery. ( at the last show, which was live online, i had myself a beautiful grand. now, i'd also like to take a min to talk about pianos, which is something i like to do regularly. truly a good piano makes for a good show. this is how i get my juice when the songs are coming, so naturally when i have a real live piano it really makes for a better show. i've had quite a few people ask me what i prefer and i am a steinway gal (it's what i have at home) but i've been touring with my roland rd 150. on this leg i rented the entire time and i'll just say that each show got better not only in sound but in pianos. we also had the entire full band which is also quite tasty as you can imagine. we had a great time and especially at this last very special show. now, if you missed the live show we should have some footage up in the near future ~ we were all very pleased with how it came out. :)

so i'd like to thank some people who really helped us out on this leg and really through out the entire tour. first of all james for being you, chip for all your love, bryce for being my brain and arms, steve, marc, and ryan for kickn' serious booty. thanks to those who helped with instruments and of course everyone who came out to the shows to listen, many, many, many, many, many snugs to you!

i've uploaded some new pictures in both the 'gigs' and 'candids' gallery too:

okay ~ now on to more exciting stuff ~ the new album!! :D

you can now hear a brand new song on the myspace page called Around You. we are almost done with the new website so it will hopefully be done this week. we have a lot of very cool stuff coming so please stay close!

more soon,
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