shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

new photos in gallery!

hi guys!

we now have our new galleries up and running here on live journal ~ yea! you can now peek at them here:

we have also got some fresh new pictures that have never been posted anywhere tucked in these galleries. as well as new ones from Minneapolis (from this last weekend), newbury, UK and other gigs. we will be adding to this gallery a lot in the next little while so keep an eye on them... :)

i have to say a special thank you to amy and her lovely husband and other furry family for such a wonderful time in Minneapolis. the show went very well and everyone was so kind and gracious. i'm sure we'll be back to this great town!

we have a contest announcement coming soon as well as another big announcement! yea!!

talk to you soon!

Tags: gallery, gig, pics
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