shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

here and now and future tense

hello there space and you,

musings for my little blog under the night sky.

there is a peace before a storm that is building. now, i'm not talking about a life threatening storm or even one that is unexpected or dreaded. i'm thinking about a different storm. that one you can see on the horizon but are excited that it's finally here. but then you realize actually it's not on the horizon anymore. it's here. it's here, now and in the future all at the same time. time lines get blurred in between other lines and boarders. but that's okay, i don't mind one bit. i like living in between dreams and lines. the notes of the piano are like threads from this realm keeping me in movement. even if that movement is stillness. so i'm here, under the sky but in it too, on the horizon. i am here.

i've decided that i'll keep most all news items contained to the news section of and use this blog for mostly ramblings and thoughts and thistle glen stuff. perhaps some tour tid-bits too. so you are welcome to jump over to take a peek at all the news-y happenings like reviews, videos and such.

speaking of videos, i do have to mention the behind-the-scenes videos that are going up right now. i think they turned out pretty cool (a huge thank you to josh for that) so i hope everyone enjoys them. :)

we're all getting ready for the release party for the moon and the fire circle in LA next week, which should be tasty fun, and of course i've already picked out my outfit. ;)

much love,
Tags: behind-the-scenes, musings, shauna burns, video
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