shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

the music found a way

so the album has landed! :)

we got back from LA and the release party for the Moon and the Fire circle and it was quite tasty. there was a special meet and greet for the music peeps that help get the tunes out to the world first and then the show itself. we played at The Mint which is a very cool venue. i had a nice big heavy roland which was good and james had the most kick butt drum set. i think he enjoyed it. all in all it was a great time, i felt really good about it and everyone seemed to be happy too ~ which is always thrilling. many sweet lovely people were there to cheer us on ~ it truly makes my heart soar! thank you everyone for making the evening so delicious. :)

so the Moon and the Fire circle is now officially out to the world ~ or orbiting rather ~ and a few very nice reviews have surfaced. they all are very touching and extremely humbling. i always hold my breath before reading them... i'm so grateful that they have been kind. this quote: "Shauna Burns has spent untold time at the keyboards to make the instrument a conduit of her rather than her a master of the instrument. This is where you separate the prodigies from the technically brilliant. On her album, the Moon and the Fire Circle, she creates 14 songs that are extensions of her." - Matt Rowe, Music Tap. i mean, wow, how humbling is that? this is probably one of the biggest complements the music can receive. because this is very similar to how i view the music itself ~ it's all about the music and the piano for me. i'm just their instrument.

so anyhoo ~ i'm just enjoying my little rocket ship ride at the moment. we are getting ready to go up to portland and seattle and the rain, which will be nice.

as always,

blasting out,
Tags: music, reviews, shauna burns, the moon and the fire circle
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