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tune in

hello to you. :)

yes, i returned from the moss and the ferns and the lovely rain. i did get the chance to stand in it... in the dark black night under the clouds and dripping wet. a little running was involved too. i think we are going to head back up there in the not too distant future. i have no idea when but it is a great possibility. my very nice distribution company (burnside) is based in portland as well. not to mention other mysteries... in the vampire sense... on this particular trip we met some very nice fellow musicians which i think i'll talk about in the next Thistle Glen. they were so great, i mean really really talented people. you can check some out on my top friends over on myspace: Breanna Paletta, Justin Bennett and Tristan Ellingsworth. speaking of myspace, i'm thinking of putting up some section with my favorite artists, ones that are more underground, still thinking that through... but another myspace music awesome gal, Inga, put this idea in my head. so we'll see. :)

we are going to play at some ren faires this summer which i've never done, i think it will be quite delightful. i keep wondering what to wear... what should i wear?... but i think it will be really fun.

Around You is now at #12 on the AC Chart which is so surreal and cool and overwhelming and awesome and very very strange... in a good way. i'm taking all of this in as a good thing. posted some new pics and videos and interviews at too. :)

wandering though the wind and sun is sounding good lately, but twilight has been haunting me, as usual, and i feel it's pull. i've always felt it's grasp.... ;)

Tags: myspace, portland, thoughts, tour
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