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hola gente!

so i did an interview for Voice of America last... hmmm... June 8, 2006. yes that was a little bit ago... ;) anywho ~ we lost touch with the guys there (really sweet guys too) and we missed the original air date of the show. this was one of my favorite interviews we did. we really got into the meaning of the songs, the background, family, love, loss and fear and happiness. it was wonderful. we left feeling so good and went across the street to the native american indian museum (which i HIGHLY recommend) and reveled in washington dc. a few days ago the lovely guys at VOA emailed and said that the interview was up again online and so everyone is welcome to tune in (it's up until thursday). but there is a little catch... it's all in spanish! so hopefully we'll get the english version soon and i'll put that up for everyone... but until then, please enjoy some tunes from every thought and some good conversation in espanol!
click on: 'Vibraciones en Jazz' at the bottom of the page.

oh, and we've just scheduled a radio appearance on KUNV 91.5 FM in las vegas ~ so that will be good fun. john (who will be interviewing me) said they already have a grand piano there so we'll have some good times with some good live tunes too!

more soon!

UPDATE: we just got the non-translated (english) version of the interview so we'll try and get that up ASAP ~ yea!
Tags: interview, radio appearance, voice of america
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