shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

Thistle Glen Episode #17 & New Pics

hi there!

(sorry, i forgot to post this when it went live ~ whoops!)

Welcome to Thistle Glen episode #17 - Around You is awesomeness, tour chit chat, interviews, blood leaving my head entering my feet on the Dennis Bono show, Jazz Bytes, Paramount Event and new t-shirts for you!

Camelot is waiting... just past Thistle Glen
Thistle Glen

Thistle Glen on iTunes:

i also have just posted some new pics in the gigs section here ( ~ there are tons from the ren festival which completely rocked by the way, i'll post more about that soon... it's too late to think straight... but i'm fiddling.

okay, more very soon!
Tags: pics, thistle glen
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