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in the desert clouds

hello all!

we have just returned from our 2nd ren faire in cloudcroft new mexico! it was delightful. everyone was lovely and it was so beautiful! it was actually up in the mountains in NM, now who knew there was forests in the desert? well, it was quite high up ~ almost 9000 feet to be exact. green, mist, pine, grass, forest, rain and sky. it was a little rainy but in a way it made it more magical because there is nothing more delicious than desert rain. we played two days and the first day the rain stopped for us but not the second, so we played for the drops of water too. i have to say a big thank you to rhonda at the faire, chip, bryce, james, steve and marc for all your awesomeness. you can see some photos in the gallery ( from the faire in the gigs section. i've also updated the candids gallery too with some tasty treats.

okay, so the hermosa beach gig was also kick butt! i've blogged about that over on myspace but it was rockin! the Young Dubliners were so kind and lovely. it was really great. :)

now it's off to phoenix and the giant cacti!

rainy snug,
Tags: cloudcroft, gallery, gig, new mexico, renaissance festival, tour, young dubliners
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