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had a very tasty interview this morning with nikki starr (you can find it in the press section of, lot's of nice talk about songwriting, lord of the rings and tortured souls; my favorite things. ;)

just resting up and rehearsing for phoenix next week. the zia show will be our rockin show and mama java's will be more of an acoustic set up. it's going to be delicious doing both types of shows. and i'll be on 'good morning arizona' too so that is a busy-busy leg. i love phoenix so i'm really looking forward to it. i always end up mesmerized by the saguaro... wish i had some of those in my cacti garden.

so i totally caved and am now on twitter. yup. but i'm finding it pretty tasty. it's nice that it won't let you put in more than a paragraph... cuz i can chat pretty long. ha!

chamber is also up on youtube and the site ~ i'm really liking the vampires these days. ;)

Tags: interview, phoenix, twitter, youtube
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