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Thistle Glen Episode #19


Welcome to Thistle Glen episode #19 - Desert Lure - Back from the Ren Faire and Young Dubs show, Phoenix next! Tour chat, lot's of interviews in the Press section, Twitter, Flicker, and Live Journal Gallery updates, Chamber video and new music on licensing page.

Camelot is waiting... just past Thistle Glen
Thistle Glen

Shauna Burns - Thistle Glen:  The Shauna Burns Podcast - Thistle Glen:  The Shauna Burns Podcast

You can listen to an interview from Nikki Rocks the Politics from last Friday... very early Friday morning! It's in the archive on her page (link is on Shauna It's a nice chat about the music and lot's of Lord of the Rings talk. (And it was quite early in the morning so I'm going to use that as an excuse that I couldn't remember Aragorn's name at first and then I realized I called him Slater instead of Strider... Blasphemy, I know!)

desert snug,
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