shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,


hello all!

the la show was pretty darn fun ~ a big thank you to amy for coming out and being so sweet and awesome to little olde me. and of course the breaking dawn book release gig at borders was kick butt. we did a cool trio with james on tribal drums, marc on bass and of course me on piano. very tasty indeed! it was fun rocking out with the vamps. :)

now i'm absorbing for the rest of august... perhaps i'll nap the whole month? no, i kid! i'm still waiting for the go-ahead to post the "Bloom" video, so hopefully that will be soon. but other than that we just got word that we'll be playing at the Utah State Fair on Sept 7th which should be fun. i've actually be there once... a very, very, very long time ago. and we also have a Cedar City, UT show Sept 13th. so Sept might very well be Utah month. ;)

okay, off to do fun things!

Tags: borders, breaking dawn, los angeles, stephenie meyer, utah
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