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Bloom Video Exclusive

We are very pleased to announce the video for 'Bloom' exclusively at Singing Fool, Billboard Magazine and All Music Guide! This is the brand new video from the latest single from the Moon and the Fire circle.

Click here for the exclusive look at 'Bloom':

Coming soon is a special behind-the-scenes treat to go along with the new video as well. I would guess you guys would like to know exactly what on earth this video is about so I'll give you a little nibble:

'Bloom' is a journey of the soul. Our main character, which I've been calling Stella, is trying to find what she lost along the way. In this journey she senses a presence over her shoulder and Stella finds something she thought she lost long ago...

I have to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the Utah State Fair, it was really fun. We'll be in Cedar City, UT on Sat and then in Las Vegas on Sept 19th. Tasty gigs abound. :)

I'm hoping to get a special Thistle Glen out next week to chat about the 'Bloom' video and I want to get your thoughts so leave them here in the comments or you can message/email me if you like. Thank you so much!

blooming tulips and bmw snugs,
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