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Voice of America Interivew plus Winner #1 in the contest

hello everyone!

well, we now have the interview up from the Voice of America broadcast that happened last summer. yea!! i did this interview when we were on tour to promote 'every thought'. i love washington dc and i absolutely loved talking to richard and everyone at Voice of America. i hope you guys enjoy the chit-chat. :)

click on this link for the interview:

we also have the first winner for the 'you review desert tune' contest! you can pop over to to read the reivew from don or go to amazon to see the real thing. thank you so much for an awesome review!

*remember we're picking a new winner every week so get crackn'! ;)

we got news last week that 'ghosts and vampires' was chosen as one of the best songs of 2006 in IAP's "songs of note". this really made me smile because 'ghosts' is one of those songs that has never really left my side after all these years. i like to be a rocker when i play it live too. speaking of playing live, amy over at collected sounds is sending over the show we did in Minneapolis, so i'm thinking we'll put some of those goodies up on the next podcast. speaking of podcasts ~ i hope you guys are enjoying the giggles. :)

this weekend i'll be playing at the World Folk Concert Series in Las Vegas, so if you want to rock out with me please come on over and i'll bring the goodies, you bring your lovely selves! i'm also going to have a new radio interview that will air on april 23rd, which will be nice because they have a grand waiting for me ~ yea!!

April 14, 2007
Solo Show ~ World Folk Concert Series
Borders Books & Music
2190 N. Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89108
9:00 pm

April 23, 2007
Radio Appearance
KUNV 91.5 FM
Las Vegas, NV

talk to you soon!

spring snugs,
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