August 17th, 2007

keys in hands

windy city

we have returned from chicago ~ aka the windy city. and it really is. i spent a lot of time in chicago years ago but have never stayed downtown in a high rise. on the last night we were woken up by a steady creaking sound... like a boat rocking gently on the sea. but it was no boat ~ it was our building. this scared me quite a bit so i called down to the front desk and they said that unfortunately this was normal and all the buildings downtown sway because if they don't they'll snap. makes life a little more exciting hun?

the show was really sweet, i met some people that i have only ever corresponded with in this cyber world (hi spring! hi amy! hi alice!) and the room was very welcoming and peaceful. i really do love chicago, it is a great city. james and i were quite busy with meetings and such as well so it was a nice productive trip.

you can view photos from the night (thanks to spring) in Your Gallery:

i'm really looking forward to the show in LA next saturday. yesterday the band had a rehearsal which was quite tasty. i am also busy finalizing the mixes for the new album and artwork. i cannot wait for you guys to see it! and also we are working on a new website! i'll just say it ~ it rocks. i'm so pleased with the way it's shaping up. it will be a lot more user friendly and we are planning some super-duper-ultra treats. :)

well, i was going to record a new thistle glen today but i can smell some deliciousness from the kitchen so it might have to wait until tomorrow...

sending love and snugs,