December 27th, 2007


Best Female Artist Nominee

hi ~ ya!

Well, the good folks over at Rockwired have nominated me for Best Female Artist and if that isn't cool enough this is my second time being nominated for this category ~ so please click on the link below to vote! Thank you Brian and Rockwired, I'm very humbled by this. :)

Now, something very exciting just arrived on my doorstep today ~ the ALBUM!! Yes, indeed, I have The Moon and the Fire Circle in my hands. (Well I had to stop typing to pick it up, which I just did like a dork.) But it's so thrilling!! I had to take it all in slowly... I still am. Many people have worked like house-elves getting this little baby ready for the world and I couldn't be happier with everything and more thankful for the hard work everyone has done. We did some special packaging that turned out so beautiful. Perhaps I'll post some pics...

So now, I'm going to sip some tea and ogle over my CD. Is that bizarre or what? Yes, I'm a complete nerd. :P

rose tea cups,