April 23rd, 2008

fire eyes

facebook... what the?...

hi ya!

okay, so am i the only one who is a complete dork in trying to figure out facebook? we have a profile over there now and i'm poking around. this has been in the works for a while and after the space-invaders deleted the music page i think it's back up... at least it appears to be. so let us all cross our fingers and pray that it stays put. all of them... there seems to be 3 different profiles and i'm not sure why. i think i need a pow-wow with bryce who is one of my very nice myspace/facebook elves... bryce help! ;) i guess i'm just used to the good olde myspace. ah, growth. but why does it feel like i'm growing younger by bleeding into facebook?... hmmm...

so tomorrow i'm going to be on a radio show, that will be tasty. i should get the info while i'm there as to when it will be broadcast and hopefully i'll get a copy so i can just post it like the others in the press section of sb.com. we've got some really nice chit-chat going on there right now. and i'm hoping to get a Thistle Glen out this week too. i also got my dress for the ren faires ~ they are going to rock.

i'm getting ready to post some t-shirts too, brand new Moon and Fire t's for boys and girls. me likey. :)

the shows have been going really well, the borders grand opening was pretty kick butt and the zia national record store day was fun. next week is long beach and then up to the faire in utah! i'm also playing at a very, very, very cool Paramount Pictures event next month. i'm really looking forward to that... i wonder if i can sneak onto a movie set? do you think they'll notice me in the background? nah!