June 6th, 2008

fire eyes

thoughts and shows and irish tendencies

hello all!

so we are going to open for the Young Dubliners on sat June 14th in Hermosa Beach, CA! i have to say that i am very excited about this ~ i think they are awesome... this is going to rock! so if you are close by please come over and say hello. you can find all the details on the website (http://www.shaunaburns.com). we are also heading to Phoenix in july and hopefully we'll be doing more shows down there. that's after our 2nd ren faire in New Mexico.

the first ren festival in Utah was quite tasty, it was set on someone's farm in the open fields near the great salt lake and below the towering mountains, very beautiful! it was nice to actually play 3 nights in a row, with each night being a little different. after it was over i was dead tired but really happy. giant sungs to all. (i also posted over on the myspace blog a few more thoughts... gee, i have a lot of blogs... oh well.)

this sunday i'll be having a live online interview (http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/33899), so tune in if you so desire... :)

i'm also getting ready to post the "Bloom" video... this is probably my favorite video we've ever done. we actually did this last fall because "Bloom" was going to be our first single but then at the last minute it switched places with "Around You" so it's been in the vault until now... wha ha ha! hopefully it will be up very soon.

i'm also contemplating on posting more live footage over on you tube and the site... decisions, decisions...

we've also set up a very cool myspace page that i'm very excited about ~ it's for music supervisors and all other peeps who need music or are interested in music for film/tv/media/etc. this is something i've been very passionate about for a long time, so please stop by and tell me what you think! i'm going to be posting demos and other songs very soon that you cannot find anywhere else, it's going to be a very special place. you can find it at: http://www.myspace.com/shaunaburnslicensing

now, i'm off to rock! ;)