June 12th, 2008

keys in hands

Thistle Glen Episode #18

hello all ~ :)

Welcome to Thistle Glen episode #18 Garden Bug - Opening for Young Dubliners, pretty darn cool! Garden bugs, tour dates, ren fest, music licensing, interviews and a new video with one on the way.

Camelot is waiting... just past Thistle Glen
Thistle Glen


Shauna Burns - Thistle Glen:  The Shauna Burns Podcast - Thistle Glen:  The Shauna Burns Podcast

i finally got the iTunes button working here... for some reason it wasn't working before but it seems to be now. go figure... anyhoo ~ i'm very excited about this saturday ~ so if you are close please come by and say hello!

Saturday June 14, 2008
Saint Rocke
Opening for Young Dubliners
142 Pacific Coast Highway
Hermosa Beach, CA
Doors open at 6 pm