July 19th, 2008

georgia okeeffe

notes from deep in the desert

hi kids!

so i'm here deep deep down in the desert next to many colorful cacti and other creatures... now, yes indeed, this is very similar to my home desert but i have to say it is a touch different. for one i'm about to dig up a few of the saguaro's and lug them back home. do you think anyone will notice? ;)

we are having a great time down here. the tv appearance on "good morning arizona" was really fun, tv things can be a little tricky and these guys were awesome. the zia show yesterday was very nice ~ zia is always kind. tonight will be mama java and a new set up for the band. we're doing more of a tribal/acoustic version. this will be quite tasty.

okay, i'm off to explore the rocks and prickly things... with lot's and lot's of water.

melting snugs,