July 28th, 2008

fire eyes

boy am i tired... but feeling vamptastic!

hi there,

second blog of the day... first one was over on myspace. i sometimes ask myself if i have too many blogs... nah! but i probably do. oh well. got back from san diego, pretty darn fun. phoenix was awesome. we all had a wonderful time and want to go back asap. but i'm very, very, very excited (can you tell?) for this friday's gig. oh, i'm jumping the gun. wednesday is a show in LA. a singer/songwriter thing so it will be james and i again. loving this tribal drum thing we've got going... anyhooo friday: i'm playing at the book release for stephenie meyer's breaking dawn in las vegas! now, i'm sure most of you have figured out i have a thing for vampires. yup. it's not that hard to connect those dots. so friday will be thrilling and blood-tingling! be prepared to rock it out vampire-style. ;)

you can check out lot's of new pics from the latest shows in the gigs, candids and your gallery galleries: http://pics.livejournal.com/shaunaburns

i've also updated the Observatory over at http://www.shaunaburns.com.

okay kids, more soon!

seepy time. :)