November 24th, 2008


links & poems

hey there ~ since i have too many pages and they are overflowing ~ ha! ~ here is a quick reference linky - link - links list. i'm thinking about putting a special "link" page over on for this... yes, i think that might be necessary soon... very soon. ;)








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and a very talented person sent me some poems that i thought were so awesome i've decided to post them here and over on myspace ~ so thank you dissolvedboy2002! you rock. :)

two red eyes

-are you lonely? are you lost?
do you sometimes feel like a walking ghost?
well things wont change if you stay the same
thing wont change even if you start to pray..
mistakes from our past will haunt us forever like
spirits that refuse to leave this old house
feel free to mourn and cry
just dont ask those two red eyes, why?
the answers only you know where to find
locked in a grave, inside a lullaby..?
maybe somewhere in the pale blue sky..
just remember all you have to do is breathe to stay alive.



The mirror is broken but still no words spoken
not a scream for my beauty queen
The mirror is shifting, in shapes that i'm scared to believe in
maybe if i threw a stone in my reflection i could avoid my souls cricifiction
The mirror is changeing, reflecting demons that lie in..
this body is just a shell for my soul, and if i sell it..
that means i have betrayed you all.

rockin snugs,