October 25th, 2011

a winter gathering

A Winter Gathering ~ Now Available!

~ Visit http://www.shaunaburns.com to purchase A Winter Gathering ~

It's here! We've made it to the Gathering! I have to thank some people who have helped so much and made this project possible, they strengthened the music and I am so grateful for their support and kindness.

James Clark ~ all there is, percussion, harmony.
Sean O'Dwyer ~ engineer, mad scientist, generous soul.
Josh Connolly, everyone at Odds On ~ caring hospitality.
Chip Schutzman / Miles High Productions ~ gracious care.
Kristen, Lauren, Ella & the crew ~ thoughtful assistance.
Caroline Kemper ~ my enchanting harp girl, always!
Rick Kemper ~ pipe and whistle guru.
Lindsey Springer ~ cello warmth.
Ryan Whyte Maloney ~ divine guitar and vocals.
David Pecjak, Stephanie Pecjak, Kimberly Pecjak, Aleeza Gonzalez, Audrey Gonzalez ~ flavorful choir.
Danielle DeBruno ~ heavenly photos.
Frank Maddocks ~ luscious design.

And of course thank you to mom & dad and all our family & friends who gather near.

Thistle Glen Podcast ~ A Winter Gathering
Welcome to Thistle Glen episode #46 - A Winter Gathering - It's here! Grab the new release right now at http://www.shaunaburns.com ! Beautiful reviews and notes ~ Thank you so much for all the thoughtful messages and support!