November 19th, 2011


breaking dawn & other things :)


okay kids ~ spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen Breaking Dawn yet! :)

so have we recovered from our breaking dawn midnight shows?... and perhaps more?... i think i slept all day friday recovering! but it was well worth it. i went into the movie expecting it to be a totally different experience from the last two movies (new moon and eclipse) and even though it was different in ways i think this film was most like the first twilight. little "easter eggs" for us crazy fans... who expected "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" (Iron & Wine) at the wedding?! and other musical connections... this hit me the hardest. i knew Carter Burwell was returning to score BD (he did the score for the first twilight) but i wasn't expecting to feel so much nostalgia with it... it made the experience very sweet. i love how we heard snippets or updated versions of the "old" twilight sounds, the lullaby and even the "twilight" drumbeats. all very cool. i purposely didn't listen to the soundtrack before the movie because i wanted to have fresh ears and the music didn't jar me out of the story, which i think is a good thing. everything seemed smooth and melted with the scenes. okay, speaking of scenes ~ i love how they really did keep close to the book, even line for line at some points. everyone was making such a big deal of the dress i was quite curious to actually see this manifestation of amazingness... lol... but yes indeed, it was beautiful. and perfect for her. hello, the back! i loved how when bella was walking down the aisle it felt like she was being pulled by a line from her eyes. brazil, very nice. love how she was eating peanut butter with chicken. really creepy and perfect how bella's physical transformation was handled. that was nuts. at the end when she is lying on the table... oh my gosh. i held my breath. ah! i wasn't sure how they were going to tackle the whole imprinting thing at the end (how would you show that?... hello, Quil and Claire on the beach!) but i loved it. the whole end... the end!! yes, the whole birth/transformation was done really well. and how perfect was the final shot? oh, yes, breaking dawn 2 will be tasty, indeed!

anyhoo ~ some musical updates... :)

a huge thank you to CD Baby for featuring A Winter Gathering in their Editor's Pick - Holiday list! CD Baby has given the new album so much love, thank you!!

some more beautiful and thoughtful reviews and features have come through and you can now read excerpts and click on the links over at (in the news and press sections).

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hope everyone in the US has a wonderful thanksgiving!!

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