June 7th, 2015

georgia okeeffe

Every Thought 10 Year Anniversary

Every Thought 10 Year Anniversary ~ Let’s Celebrate! if you’re in the celebratory spirit today, you can get Every Thought on iTunes here: http://apple.co/1daMpAq or of course in the Music Section of http://www.shaunaburns.com :)

hi guys! i’m excited to share that some fun and musical treats are heading your way ~ June 2nd marks 10 years since the release of Every Thought ~ yea! and to celebrate the 10 year anniversary ~ and 10 years of making music ~ we will be looking back and remembering the fun times and of course creating new ones! and yup, there will be musical surprises…. weeee! so much more to come, please stay close! snugs!! Shauna