shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

in the chill of winter


it's that time, when the chill hits your face and you know you need your sweater and scarf... now. it's quite eye opening. i've been decorating the sites a bit (here and myspace) and i'm getting ready to post a special "holiday shop" with some special treats included with every order. you can look over on right now for a taste.

i've been busy over on facebook (boy that place is completely crazy to figure out) updating the pages with some new stuff too. i have to say a big thank you to bryce and chip for helping me keep up with all the sites, these guys rock my socks off.

i'm thinking about posting the live version of "bloom" for a special holiday treat. not sure if we're all "bloomed-out" but it's a fun vid... thinking...

okay, i'll be back with some more holiday cheer... as much as i can give. hee hee...

icicle snugs,

ps ~ yes, the icicles are out in force in the blog... burrr!!
Tags: bloom, christmas, cold, facebook, holiday, icicle, myspace
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