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holiday shop

alright kiddies,

the holiday shop is up! you can grab all sorts of goodies over at ~ and included with every order is a free mini flashlight, magnet, sticker pack and postcard pack. pretty nifty things, if i do say so myself. and for the first time all cd's that are sold via paypal will be autographed. these treats are usually only available at shows so it might be a cool thing... if you're into that sort of thing. ;)

one note ~ the t-shirts in the news section are the ones we have in stock. the "desert" t-shirt and the "men's piano" t-shirt will take an extra few weeks.

but all others are waiting patiently. :)

thanks for all the love and i'll talk to you soon... i think i will post that video soon... stay tuned!


Visit the Holiday Shop here:
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