shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

burr, freeeze, chaattterrrr...

hi there ~

yes, i am cold. yes, indeed. tis a bit frosty out but it's nice to wear sweaters and coats. the music is coming along... marinating you could say. these things take time to saturate through the blood. but all will be revealed soon. if you are signed up for the newsletter this might make more sense... but basically i've been stewing in the studio again and will be releasing a new little EP in the new year. it's very connected to Moon and Fire and these little treats are going to be quite tasty i think. just some more tinkering and a good mix and master (ah, the techy stuff) and then it will be ready for you. stew, stew, stew!

okay ~ much, much, much more soon... i need to get close to a blazing fire or something. :P

mugs of hot tea snugs,
Tags: burr, chatter, ep, freeze, new album, the moon and the fire circle
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