shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

best of 2008

we are getting some really fantastic news ~ some very cool stuff!

Our good friend Amy at Collected Sounds has named the Moon and the Fire circle in the Best of 2008 albums! ( Here's the beautiful review: ( Some of you may remember that Amy kindly named every thought as one of the Top Albums of 2005 (, an honor we still tout today! Thank you so much Amy and Collected Sounds ~ We love ya!

'Around You' has been chosen as one of WCH Radio's Top 50 Songs For 2008! It made the list at number 23 ~ Thank you WCH Radio! (

And yours truly made the list of Radio Crystal Blue's top recording artists of the year 2008 at number 45 ~ Thanks so much! (

this is so humbling... thank you so much! :)

giant snugs and love,
Tags: around you, best of 2008, collected sounds, radio, shauna burns, the moon and the fire circle
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