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i just got this and thought to share... :)

The kind Jud Conway at KindWeb ( has posted his review of the Moon and the Fire circle and it's featured on their front page! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! Click here to read it in full:

'The musical universe of Shauna Burns is dominated by stream-of-consciousness lyrics that float effortlessly over piano-driven melodies complemented by a delicate mix of guitars, harps, and cellos and accentuated by warm bass tones and strong percussion. [And] features some of her most inspired songwriting to date... If this enchanting album turns out to be anything less than the musical personification of Shauna Burns' search for footing within the universe, it is still a moving and intense journey 'from [the] light to the dark and back' that many listeners will, no doubt, want to take again… and again.' - Jud Conway, KindWeb (

And speaking of heart-warming reviews... Our dear friends at Collected Sounds:

'[T]he opening track, Bloom, is a stand out. It's orchestral, ambient, ethereal and a great composition. Shauna's music is sort of transcendent. It is really great to listen to when you want to 'get away' but can't. I find it helpful on those stressful days. It has a wonderful calming effect.' - Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds (

'The singer and pianist [has] written some stunning songs and her delivery is sharp. Desert Sun is a subtly orchestrated song with a lovely melody. Chamber is a lushly produced, beautiful number with some of Burns' best singing. Tumbleweed muses about full moons and lost love even as Burns' turns in some fine piano playing. Around You is an up tempo very radio friendly song that retains an artsy integrity. Shauna Burns continues her artistic journey and it’s one worth following.' - Anna Maria Stjärnell, Collected Sounds (

quite marvelous... wow. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
lovin snugs,
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