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best of 2008 part 2

hello everyone ~ :)

i have a few more "best of 2008" treats ~ very cool ~ so grateful. :)

the Moon and the Fire circle was chosen as one of The Promise Live : Best of 2008 ( ~ Thank you so much!

To add to the list of very cool things that happened in 2008 ~ 'Around You' was #1 on the Song Vault Pop Radio ( in Feb 08 because of your votes ~ much love!

the Press Section over on is now completely overhauled ~ you can listen to interviews, read articles and reviews right there on the page and all the links are working (sorry, a few expired and i didn't catch them but they all work now). everything is organized very nicely, if i say so myself. ;)

i've been updating the the Reverb Nation ( page ~ it's a pretty nifty little site.

okay, i'll be back very soon with some super-duper-exciting stuff!

Tags: best of 2008, press, reverbnation, the moon and the fire circle
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