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so tell me...


While recording Anamnesis my friend and awesome-all-around-gal Kiley Astle played violin on the track "So Tell Me..." and absolutely blew us away. Kiley's violin took this song to another level and I'm so honored to have her magic contribute to this song. You can listen to it on her MySpace page ( before I put the song up in all the usual places. I can't thank Kiley enough for her friendship and support ~ You rock my world! :)

I'm working on my gigantic to-do list... it's fun but making my brain hurt. Oh, it's all good. It's exciting to finally get all the treats out. I wanted to record a new Thistle Glen last week but I just crashed. Hopefully going to get it done today or tomorrow. Feels like it's been forever!

I'm still completely overwhelmed by the love coming in from the music, photos, album cover reveal and the Anamnesis collage video ~ the support is very much appreciated. :)

Okay, Tour News: We are still getting information about exact times for some of the shows, it's a little weird with festivals sometimes and we're trying to nail details down. But if you have any questions please email me: shauna at shaunaburns dot com

It's looking like I'll be doing some tasty solo shows this summer but all those shows will have James on some percussion (so I'm not all by myself! ha!) and in Maryland I'm so excited that Caroline Kemper, Ms. Harpist-Extraordinaire, is going to be joining me! Now this is going to be awesome. But don't worry, we have the band for some shows too (like the Utah Ren Fest, Show Low, AZ and a festival in Phoenix later this year). It will be a good mix, and I'm sure some other dates will pop up, they always do. :)

Oh, and we've fixed the Star Chart Radio on the site ~ it's brand new and much easier to navigate. A big thank you to Benno for that help. We're also fixing up a few other things which will be revealed soon.

Talk to you soon!

desert mist,

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