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Anamnesis is flying

Shauna Burns

ahahahahahaha.... it's here! Anamnesis is flying out to the world. I've been insane busy getting every little thing in order and now it's here! yesterday was nuts! but it's always fun, i like a little nuttiness. ha! but i hope everyone enjoys the tunes. the reviews are starting to come in and i'm completely floored. it's so humbling when you hear someone else's thoughts about the music ~ it's so overwhelming. i try very hard to translate the songs the way they want to be heard and it's nice when others embrace them as well. i feel i can't say thank you enough, really.

there have been so many updates on the main site (, new entry super-cool page, new photos up, new bio updates, new tour news, new, new, new updates. and a thistle glen!

but i wanted to put some thank you's here that i put in the newsletter and myspace blog ~ these guys are very special to me ~

I wanted to give a few very special thank you’s to some people that help play a large role getting the music out there and help me out sooo much ~ James, Steve, Spiral peeps, Ryan, Kiley & Marc, Chip, Bryce, Michelle, Miles High peeps, Benno, Nick, Mom & Dad and all our families and friends... and of course you guys too! Thank you so much for all the support and love, I truly do appreciate all the thoughts, messages and kindness! :)

Welcome to Thistle Glen episode #27 - Anamnesis - Anamnesis is out now! Let's chat about it! Grab the new EP on Shauna, listening party going on right now, new photos, site updates and a very special download treat. New press and The Wandering Planets Tour is starting soon. Giant thank you's!

Camelot is waiting... just past Thistle Glen
Thistle Glen

Shauna Burns - Thistle Glen:  The Shauna Burns Podcast - Thistle Glen:  The Shauna Burns Podcast

anamnesis snugs,
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