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Thistle Glen Episode #29 ~ Faerie Tune

Hello there!

Below is a new Thistle Glen and the Behind Anamnesis video! It's been tasty getting out there and playing the shows, everyone has been so kind and helpful, I'm so grateful! I've been posting pics and thank you's over on MySpace and I've posted a ton of new pics in the Live Journal Gallery here: ~ Next up on the Wandering Planets Tour is the Colorado Medieval Festival on June 6th. I miss Caroline already! I wish she could be with me the entire tour, she rocked it at the Maryland shows. :)

Welcome to Thistle Glen episode #29 - Faerie Tune - Tour updates and re-caps, next show in Colorado. Follow on! ( New pics, reviews and interview in press section and the video: Behind Anamnesis is finally here! We'll end today with a special bootleg treat starring the amazing Caroline Kemper.

Camelot is waiting... just past Thistle Glen
Thistle Glen

Shauna Burns - Thistle Glen:  The Shauna Burns Podcast - Thistle Glen:  The Shauna Burns Podcast

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