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major flowers in the cacti garden ~ love this time of year! they are amazing. :)

we are working on little touch-ups for the main site, little things here and there. just found out the contact page isn't working properly, whoops!, not sure how long that's been acting up... but it should be fixed soon. and we are adding the new Anamnesis videos to the video section too.

the Wandering Planets Tour is tootling along, it's been great. this tour feels even more relaxed than last year. if that is even possible. it's nice. probably because i'm spending a lot more time by myself on stage. it gets lonely sometimes but i'm enjoying it too. looking forward to the band shows in Show Low, AZ in july. it should be rockin! contemplating getting a new dress for these shows... i love my black and olive dress but it might be nice to switch it up. hmmm... we'll see.

i can't wait until Imogen Heap comes out with her new album, been following her on Twitter. i love her. i also have been loving all the new albums that have come out this year: DM, Tori, Color Theory's EP, which funny enough came out the same day as Anamnesis! how cool is that?! i've also been loving my old favorite Agnes Milewski. she is so awesome, i would love to see her in concert (have to get back to Austria asap!) oh, and we saw Flight of the Conchords in concert: completely hysterical! it was so funny and musically rockin.

anyhoo, we are looking into a few more dates to add to the tour which hopefully i can post soon. it will probably be in the mid-west (north-ish).

the stew is staring to bubble... already... lot's of tasty things are starting to come together, as they always do. ;)

cacti snug,
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