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hi ~ so we are back from arizona and the medieval mayhem ~ it was pretty darn fun and so hot i considered going on stage with a wet paper towel on my head. it was a lot hotter than i thought it was going to be! but we endured and actually got through 6 shows in 3 days. wow. that was a lot of shows. but we all feel good about conquering our mountain... quite literally! the stage was on top of this gigantic hill with grass seats. it was a pretty amphitheater. below is day number 3.

more pics over in the gallery (, on the myspace blog ( and on twitter (

we are still tweaking some more shows so make sure to check the tour section on the site. :)

so i often ask myself if i have too may blogs... oh dear. but i've decided that each have their own purpose and flavor. what blogs you might ask? well, i have this one here on live journal which is more for the site ( and this blog is connected/posted to other sites via rss. then we have the myspace blog ( which is also for facebook and is connected via rss to the "notes" there. but that is also similar to a second news feed where as this one is more "thoughts" focused i guess.

so maybe i don't have as many as i thought?... this one and the myspace/facebook one. i guess the news section of could sort of be a blog... but that really is more of a news update thingy.

got that all sorted out...

now to sort the galleries... hmmm.... maybe not.

i know, any questions please visit the Links section on but of course there are more music/sites/profiles on the web but if we've got to start somewhere... it would be there. :)

oh, and better quit while i'm ahead.

boggy snug,
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