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texas, new mexico & vegas

hi ya ~ firstly, i am head-over-heels in love with ellipse ~ imogen heap's new creation. it's brilliant. it's quiet. it's thoughtful. i feels like she just hooked up a mic to her piano's soundboard and just channelled her muse. that's a good thing. piano's are good "lighting rods" for that type of stuff. :)

we got the info on the texas (sept 19) and new mexico (sept 20) festivals ~ should be a smashing good time. looking forward to them.

also just booked a gig at the hard rock cafe in vegas for october 8th. this will be the first time i've played there... not sure what to expect but my friend chris at resodence was very nice to include little old me. should be cool.

please check for all pertinent info.

i'm in the middle of putting together a new newsletter with our new fanbridge newsletter generator. i think i've got it but i'm letting it simmer for a day or so. it will hopefully go out next week. it should. not sure why not. unless it completely falls apart while i sleep. this has been known to happen. but it should not. ;P

saw depeche mode at the amazing red rock amphitheater in denver. awesome experience... DM in red rocks. perfect! i twittered practically the entire thing and posted some nice fuzzy pics. i love DM.

have to catch them again... ;)

now i'm off to the night!

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