shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

Tragedy in Virginia

Yesterday and today I have been glued to the TV, taking in what has happened at Virginia Tech. My heart aches with the rest of the world at what has happened and try to understand and deal with this tragedy. I've been wanting to express some sort of comfort, some sort of message to convey what I feel, what we feel. Please know myself and everyone here at Red Rock Music are standing beside you and thinking of you. Yesterday I wrote a blog (on MySpace) about the power of music and healing, just expressing my own past experiences... and this morning I received a moving message from someone who was deeply affected by the tragedy and about this same power of music and comfort. This truly touched me deeply, I am so grateful we have this connection between us all. Not only through the power of all music can we perhaps find solace, but through the power that we all hold inside of us. The power of us. Please know we are with you and the music is with you. I hope you find some comfort knowing you are loved and we are standing side by side with you.

Sending all my Love,
Tags: shauna burns, tragedy, virginia
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