shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

autumn thoughts

hello there ~ :)

well, autumn is setting in and the spooks and ghosts and goblins are receding into the forest... for now. i'm still fiddling with the videos... they will be done. sometime. soon-ish. one is still giving me grief. augh. but i will sort these out and present them. sit tight.

we are starting to get ready for the Phoenix Faerie Fest in Phoenix on Nov 14th. this will be a band show and it should be good fun! i love Phoenix. i love faeries. good match! i'm confirming the time now, so stay close for that. (all other pertinent info on

as you can tell (if you are reading this on LiveJournal) you can see the new digs ~ i tried to find a more autumn-y layout and came across this lovely one. i really like how we can change it up for the seasons. i'm sure there will be several changes during the holiday festivities. can you believe we are talking about the holidays? i'm not sure about you guys, but this year has absolutely flown for me. big time.

talk to you soon...

pug nugs,
Tags: anamnesis, phoenix, tour
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