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a thanksgiving muse


a happy thanksgiving to everyone in the US ~ it's a sleepy day (at least where i am) and so i thought to jot down some thoughts.

posted a ton of new pics in the gallery ~ ~ lot's from the Phoenix Faerie Fest and from the Las Vegas GirlFestival in October. we had such a wonderful time in Phoenix! i love it down there and everyone was so welcoming and nice. we had a few little faeries that made the show extra special too... (see the pics to know what i'm talking about!) all-in-all it was a really sweet show. can't wait to go back. :)

there are some other news-y things that i posted the other day on the main site ( so if you are so inclined... you may take a peek. one of which is that the music is now up on The Sixty One ( which is a super cool music site. i first heard about it from my friend Brian Hazard (aka Color Theory) and been dragging my feet to get the music up on there. but luckily Chip (awesome-person-extraordinaire) helped get that up and running. love that site! so check it out as soon as you have a min. coolness awaits.

need to get a Thistle Glen out... and many other things to boot!

gobble bobble,
Tags: phoenix, pics, tour
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