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Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone ~

First, some delicious news! Our good friend Amy at Collected Sounds has named Anamnesis one of the Best Albums of 2009! ( And as some of you know Collected Sounds named every thought and the Moon and the Fire circle in their "Best of" as well! Thank you so so much Amy!

"Driving Far" was selected as one of the Top Songs of 2009 in Sonic Jive's listeners poll! You can listen to the special podcast at the Jive Talkin' Blog. (' It came in at an awesome #6 out of 50 ~ Wow, Thank you!

"Weekend is here again. What can be better just forgetting about life’s hectic schedules and just listen to music or going some place where the grasses are green and the sun never sets. Here is one American artist and her name is Shauna Burns. She is the Celtic Tori Amos with a flair of Loreena McKennitt’s penchant for rousing the ancient spirit. Two full length albums from her are available: Anamnesis and The Moon and the Fire Circle. You can learn more through her official MySpace page. Enjoy your tea." - The Celtic Music Fan ~ Thank you for the kind words! (

Tonight for Christmas Eve I have a special treat for you (of course!) ~ Live footage from the Unicity Festival that took place last May! Caroline Kemper joined me on her lovely harp for these special shows in Maryland ~ which made them a real treat. Below is "Camelot's Waiting" and you can find the rest of the set at this link =

I hope all is peaceful where you are. :)

Shauna Burns

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