shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

The Hillywood Show's New Moon Parody

Some off the path news per se... ;)

I was fortunate to be a mini part of The Hillywood Show's New Moon Parody and it's out now! If you are not in the Twilight fandom and are not familiar with the Hillywood Show... where have you been? Ah, just kidding! Hilly and Hannah Hindi are amazing gals, they rock! Please go to their site ~ ~ and check out all the videos and pics. They are extremely talented and sweet and all around awesome people. Below is the New Moon Parody, which blows me away! (Quite literally... you can see Bella crashing into me a few times starting at 7:40... yea!) Enjoy!! :D

And if you haven't seen the first Twilight Parody... :)

Tags: new moon, the hillywood show, youtube
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