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radio interview & friday nights...


i did a wonderful radio interview in las vegas yesterday with John Nasshan on KUNV 91.5 FM and it was pretty cool, if i do say so myself. ;) we had a great long conversation and played a few tunes; they actually had a grand right there in the studio all ready for little old me ~ which is very rare, let me tell you ~ so that made it quite special. John was a real pleasure to talk to, being a fellow musician (he has a jazz band). we talked about background stuff and the backbone of writing along with studio lingo. it was delicious! and we had a special guest in the studio who rarely talks at these things... even he was surprised... but you'll have to tune in to see who. i should have the exact date and time soon, i thought it was going to be on monday but there is a slight chance that will change but i'll make sure that it's posted asap. :)

we are picking another winner in the You Review Desert Tune contest tonight, so good luck to all who've been writing reviews! feel free to drop me a line if you have written a review and it's not posted yet... sometimes they take a few days to pop up on the various sites.

lastly tonight... it's a friday night... whatcha' gonna do? i might have an idea soon... ;)

talk to you soon!

sunset snugs,
Tags: friday nights, radio interview, shauna burns
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