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hey there ~

so some fun and exciting news ~

you can now listen to the music, Anamnesis, on Pandora internet radio! pretty awesome stuff i tell's ya! a super big snug to chip who helped with this, yea! :D

Shauna Burns on Pandora

so i've been enjoying the warmer weather, am now ready for the melting heat. bring it on! excited to hear about coco (aka conan o'brien) getting a new show. who would have thought TBS? i'm sure it will rock.

twilight/HP nerd-out:
i'm super-duper excited about eclipse in june. should be a tasty time indeed. and did you hear stephenie is going to be one of the producers for breaking dawn?! what a dream! i wonder why they decided to make it "official" now, since she has been pretty close to the films up until this point anyhoo. i like it. is it nov 2011 yet? ;)

and who is going to the wizarding world of harry potter this summer? i spent an entire afternoon clicking through the virtual site... oh. my. goodness. i want to live at hogwarts. now.

aw, some day... :)

sunshine and wizard snugs,
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