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write a song and sing it in your name - Color Theory / The Sound

though it feels like they’ve played out
the same act a million times
a routine struggling just to keep
from falling asleep reciting their lines
you say this is the way we’re meant
to enjoy the opera
at a safe distance

i walk groggy to the kitchen, "at a safe distance... at a safe distance..." i wonder if this is a true story? pouring some juice i go over the song that i woke up with playing in my head...

“A Safe Distance” was stuck there for, oh... forever. that would be one song off Color Theory’s (aka Brian Hazard aka Martin Gore’s musical-singing-soul-mate) brilliant new release entitled The Sound. love that title. fits perfectly.

as some of you know, i’ve been a huge fan of Color Theory and have been singing the praises of Brian’s work since i begged him to join me on my Thistle Glen podcast back in Jan 09. This brand new release gives me a chance to shout some more, yea!

anyhoo, back to The Sound... i have been listening to this album nonstop since grabbing it when it was released Aug 4th. it’s simply awesome. everything you love about Color Theory is here: trippy beats, deliciously pensive and sometimes cheeky lyrics, infectious rhythm with Brian’s impressive vocals; it’s an album that does not wear out. believe me, i’ve done the leg work.

next stop?

but you say you’re happy
so maybe it’s for the better
but you say you’re happy
to chauffeur these doubts forever
keep me in the backseat of your mind

“Backseat” is probably my favorite track (right now). this song is contagious. hypnotizing.

other tracks that are quite persuasive for me are “Too Close” and of course “It Must be Halloween” ~ Brian’s ode to the vampire devoted eccentric (in the most loving way). and as a full fledged Twilighter/Vampire freak i completely endorse this bewitching song. (*goes off to grab her corset and fishnet stockings.*)

and don’t forget “Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale”, his cover of the a-ha classic. in fact just get the whole thing at i recommend getting the actual CD ~ the 6 panel digi is totally worth it, plus you get the download too (awesome!).

so... go on now... i’ll wait. ;)

oh, and “The Rule of Tickles” is the most kick-ass wicked song about tickles. ever. period.

snug and treat,
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