shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

black in the night

when everything is quiet. are you? i like to just sit and listen. 'tis a good time to listen.

and think. a thought. and scream.

did you hear that?

if you screamed in the blackness would only the coyotes hear you? maybe.

been thinking about how our voices change with time. grow, get louder. softer. when we learn to not say everything we are thinking. instead we'll just put it in a song. why? because that is what you do.

every note is placed, every symbol is selected.

and so we can breathe again. for the moment at least. until that thought creeps back in.

why did i say that? why did they say that?

who knows why... it belongs to the black in the night.

night thoughts,
Tags: musings
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