shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

the return of the cackle

hello my witchy friends...

wha ha ha ha ha ha!!...

yes, the cackle is back. and so is the goolish fun that comes with it. have been busy getting the ghosts and goblins and vampires in place. all the pages (that can be) are getting spooked. you will have to search them out...

whee hee hee hee!!...

that will happen on a regular basis.

in the news i have a show on Oct 18th. Green Girl Music and Arts Festival in Las Vegas. All info on

and i've spent the last few days on readying the new myspace artist profile. really love it ~ it's a lot easier and efficient.


when you least expect it, they will come out of the dark. searching from behind the forest tree line. dead wood doesn't give them away. no twig to break. do not try to run...

they have already seen you.

whaaa ha ha ha ha ha haaa!!...

sneaky snug,
Tags: cackle, halloween, myspace, tour, witch
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