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Yule Ball Night ~ New Music for the Holidays!


I am so excited to announce new music for the Holidays ~ Harry Potter style! A brand new song called Yule Ball Night. In October I was visiting one of my favorite Harry fan sites ~ The Leaky Cauldron ~ and they had announced an opportunity to be on their annual charity Harry-Holiday themed Christmas CD called Jingle Spells 4, so of course I jumped at the opportunity. At the end of the day there were sooo many entries they could not fit all us wizard-rockers on the actual CD but they have kindly included my song on a FREE download at The Leaky Cauldron web site! Yippee! I really do recommend buying the fabulous Jingle Spells 4 as well, it rocks!

So thank you to Melissa and Paul and everyone at Leaky for including me in this special holiday companion piece. Much love and snugs!

To download the free song Yule Ball Night please click HERE :

*On the song, Yule Ball Night is from the perspective of Hermione getting ready for the Yule Ball.  The castle is draped in holiday spirit and everyone is anticipating and anxious about the night.  You can feel the importance of the evening in the air.  Of course as we know, there were mixed emotions about the ball.  Nerves were definitely on edge.  Even though Hermione wanted to go with Ron, that was not meant to be... But as she begins to think about the night ahead of her, maybe, just maybe, it "could be brilliant after all..."
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