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Thistle Glen Episode #43 ~ Music Memory

Welcome to Thistle Glen episode #43 - It's the end of the year once again, let's look back at the memories! New Moon Parody from The Hillywood Show ~ Check it out! ~ Coffee After Dark Shows, Friday Nights @ Thistle Glen, Anamnesis featured on the CD Baby Folk Newsletter and on Pandora, iPhone memories, Color Theory review, music features (thank you!), Green Girl Music & Arts Fest, annual haunting, holiday shop still open and Yule Ball Night. See you next year! ;) (For all the links please see

Camelot is waiting... just past Thistle Glen
Thistle Glen

new year's eve snug,

*if you don't see the player on this page (on some browsers it doesn't show up) visit or subscribe on iTunes:
Tags: new years eve, thistle glen
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