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Announcing The New App!


Some super exciting news today! Announcing the brand new FREE Shauna Burns iPhone App! Listen and get the scoop about the music, shop, twitter, podcast, videos, photos, blog and so much more right at your finger tips. Download it now for all the treats! And there is a new Thistle Glen podcast taking you step by step through it. Yea! (Grab the App here:

Shauna Burns App

Shauna Burns App

Thistle Glen Podcast ~ New App

Welcome to Thistle Glen episode #44 - New App - Announcing the brand new FREE Shauna Burns iPhone App! It's your quick connection to the music ~ listening, lyrics, credits and more ~ the Thistle Glen Podcast, Twitter, the blog, the shop, videos, photos and so much more! Click on this link to grab the App:

Camelot is waiting... just past Thistle Glen
Thistle Glen

app snuggy snugs,

*if you don't see the player on this page (on some browsers it doesn't show up) visit or subscribe on iTunes:
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