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App Thoughts and Thanks


Firstly, thank you guys so much for all the beautiful, thoughtful and sweet messages about the new iPhone app. I truly appreciate your kindness ~ and I'm so happy you guys are enjoying this new little adventure. :)

I thought I would go over some details/questions about the app ~ just a few tidbits:

~ How do I buy the songs/albums through the app? You can buy the music several ways through the app, the first being the Store on the bottom menu. This connects you to the website store/paypal. You can also purchase individual songs and all the albums through both the Music section and the Tunes section. Just click on Buy Album or Buy Song. This connects you to iTunes.

~ What is the arrow/play button up on the top for? The arrow/playbutton is just a shortcut to the Music section ~ that's where you listen to selected songs while browsing the app. This way you can control what you're listening to quickly and not have to back out to Home to get back to the Music section.

~ What's the difference between the Music section and the Tunes section? The Music section is where you listen to selected songs and can purchase them through iTunes. The Tunes section is where you can see the albums, listing of the songs, credits and buy the albums or individual songs through iTunes.

~ How do I listen to the Thistle Glen Podcast on the app? When you click on the Podcast section it will take you to the listing of all the podcast episodes. Click on which episode you want to listen to. After the summary of what the episode is about there is an orange link on the bottom that says: **Click Here to Listen on App** Click (touch) that text, it will open quicktime and play automatically (it might take a second to load). (note: the "Read Full Story" link just takes you to which is a flash opening and therefore does not show up on the app.)

~ Why does the Store (or some of the website) look different than when I look at it on a computer? iPhones do not support flash and so any flash element that you see will be blank. (I wish iPhones played flash!) But normal links and pictures should show up.

~ How do I see the Twitter feed? When you click on the Twitter section (on the bottom of the app) you have a choice to see: "What ShaunaBurns is saying" which is my twitter feed @shaunaburns. "Fan Replies (Mentions)", which is anyone who tweets/mentions @shaunaburns on twitter. And hashtag #shaunaburns which is anyone who puts "#shaunaburns" on their tweets.

~ Which blog am I seeing on the app? It's the Live Journal blog, which is used as the main blog for the website. (I almost always copy the entries over to Facebook and MySpace.) All links should work normal in this section. If you click on the "Read Full Story" at the bottom it will take you to the actual blog online.

I'm assuming the Videos, Photos, Bio and Sites in the More section are pretty self-explanatory... The Videos are from the YouTube channel (, Official Videos are the ones on the channel and Fan Videos are videos tagged with "shaunaburns"... Photos, I will be adding to this section... Bio, it's the current Bio... and Sites are links to Facebook, MySpace, ReverbNation and the main webisite's news section.

Please message me if you have any questions! :)

Thank you again for all your support!

much love and snugs,
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